Nomads’ Handbook for
Co-working Spaces

A guide to the best work & coffee places in popular digital nomad destinations.

Find places that will make you
more productive

Popular Destinations

15 Popular Nomad Destination

A curated list of popular nomad destinations.

Discover New Places

More than 15 Cities

Find major digital nomad destinations and see which one is a great fit for you.

More detail

Find Productive Places

More than 130 Workplaces

Nomads’ Handbook to Workspaces has more than 130 work and coffee places listed.

More detail

Well-organized content

Categorized under 3 categories price, internet speed and amenities.

See how the workplace looks like before you go, check their website, internet speed, location and curicial amenities at a glance.

internet speedaffordabilityamenitieslocationfriendliness

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